Pearl's Senior Photos

I've known Pearl since she was in elementary school and in the neighborhood kids program I used to volunteer with at The Other Way.  It's crazy to think that she is a senior this year but I was thrilled to take her photos in some of my favorite spots downtown Grand Rapids.  The days we chose for pictures there was a chance of rain all afternoon, but thankfully it held off until we were done and all we had to put up with was wind during her session!  Pearl has such a big heart and it was a joy hearing about her desire to educate people about homelessness and try to make a difference.  Good luck with the rest of your senior year Pearl, hope you enjoy this preview of your senior pictures!

Still Family

This fall has been filled with family photo sessions and so many cute kids!  Little Emma was no exception at almost a year old she is full of personality and was in a good mood for most of the photo session.  I've taken many photos of Chris and Sarah over the years and look forward to many more in the future as Emma grows.  Here are some of my favorites from our unseasonably warm day at Millennium Park in Grand Rapids.

Beverage Family

I love taking photos of growing families and the Beverages are no exception!  Karen and I have been friends for several years and I had the joy of photographing her and Doug's wedding as well as taking newborn photos of both their kids.  Their yard makes a beautiful backdrop for fall photos and we were luckily able to schedule this shoot on a perfect fall evening.  Here are some of my favorites!

Brian's Senior Photos

I've known Brian since he was a kid in the neighborhood program I used to volunteer with.  He has grown into a nice young man who is hoping to go to college for something relating to the medical field.  After rescheduling due to rain on a Saturday, Brian and his parents were kind enough to meet me on a weekday evening at Millennium Park in Grand Rapids.  Brian was a good sport and walked all around the park with me looking for fall color.  Here are some of my favorites from his session, I can't wait to edit the rest, but enjoy this preview!

Johnston Family

I love photographing growing families and I love returning clients.  I had the joy of photographing the Johnston family last fall and was excited to see them again a couple weeks ago.  Though the fall colors have been disappointing in Michigan so far this October, we found a few good backgrounds.  These two little boys have grown a lot since last year and in just a couple more months they will be welcoming a little sister into their family!  Here are some of my favorites from the Johnston family!

Tristyn's Senior photos

I can not believe that Tristyn is a senior this year! I've known this boy since he was a baby and it's been a joy watching him grow up.  Tristyn has never enjoyed having his photo taken and his mom started a tradition several years ago of me taking pictures of the kids instead of her buying school pictures.  Taylor is now a junior in college, Tristyn a senior in high school and Ty a freshman in high school so I might have to stop calling them "kids" soon!  He knew some great spots around Plainwell and it was worth going off the trail to get there.  After exploring went back to their house for photos of the extended family.  Take a look at some of my favorites from the day.

Alvarez Family

A few weeks ago I met up with Betty, David, and their three sons downtown Grand Rapids for some family photos.  It was an unseasonably warm weekend in Michigan, but they were good sports, didn't complain and were wiling to walk around to some of my favorite photo spots in the city!  Last time I photographed this family it was snowing so I was more then happy to oblige when Betty reached out to me about doing a "fall" photo shoot.  I also loved their Michigan/ Grand Rapids themed shirts which were perfect for the city backdrop.  Here are a few of my favorites :)

Mackenzie's Senior Photos

My first class of 2018 senior photo session this year was with Mackenzie!  She came to the photo shoot with some great ideas and great props - her dog and her guitar :) Mackenzie is very talented and she's planning to move to Nashville after finishing high school to pursue a career in music since she not only plays guitar but also plays piano and she sings.  She is definitely a country girl at heart and we found some great photo spots at a mutual friends barn and some nearby railroad tracks.  Have a great senior year Mackenzie and enjoy this preview of your pictures! 

Stoub Family

Last month I had the opportunity to photograph one of my favorite families in a few locations around downtown Grand Rapids.  Since it had been just over 5 years since I last took family photos for them and their oldest daughter was moving off to college -it was definitely time for some updated pictures! Thanks to everyone who gave my suggestions on "industrial" locations around town we found some great spots and I learned that no matter how old of a kid you have - using ice cream for a bribe to take good photos still works :) Here are some of my favorites from the Stoub's family session.

King Family

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting the King family at Douglas Walker Park to take their family photos.  I love that they got my name from a family I photographed earlier this summer (referrals mean that people are happy with their pictures) who also had little boys.  It was fun getting a glimpse of these two boys personalities and of course they wanted to carry around sticks the whole time!  Here of some of my favorites from the session.

Northern Michigan Scenery

It's been a busy summer but I've managed two quick trip "up north" and wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from Ludington, Mackinaw, and Fish Town.  I am not much of a nature photographer but am so thankful to live in a state that has places like this within a days drive!  Pictures don't do it justice but I had to try :)


Zach and Stephanie's Wedding

Zach's sister is a good friend of mine and Stephanie works for the same company I do so when I was asked to photograph their intimate wedding ceremony I happily agreed.  Although our first attempt to take photos at a park was quickly stopped by swarms of mosquito's the wedding party were good sports and we managed to find some good locations outside the church for photos.  Zach and Stephanie had punch and cake then a bonfire (which I didn't photograph) rather than a traditional reception, but it was clear they are loved by many friends and family!  Here are some of my favorite images from their wedding.

Matt & Sarah Ruth's Wedding

About a month ago my youngest brother Matt married Sarah Ruth who he met while working at Camp Beechpoint a couple years ago.  It was a humid day, but thankfully the rain held off until the end of the reception and we all stayed dry!  Though I didn't have an official "job" at this wedding I had a great time catching up with people from the church we grew up in and friends from camp.   Plus, my older brother was home from his job teaching in China so I got to spend some time with him as well.  Of course had my camera with me and since their photographer left before a lot of the dancing started I decided to capture some of those shots for them :) 

Tim & Anna's Wedding

Tim and Anna's wedding was such a joy to photograph! They were ahead of schedule all day (which never happens), the weather cooperated, we had some great photo locations, and everyone in the wedding party was so helpful!  Plus, it seemed like everyone was having fun at the reception because I don't think I've ever been to a wedding with so much dancing!  I've known both Tim and Ana several years, they were high school sweethearts and were dating when I first met Tim and took his senior pictures.  I love that they are both so comfortable in front of the camera and that they trusted my ideas for locations and poses.  It was definitely a challenge to narrow down my favorite pictures from their wedding to make this blog post and I can't wait to finish editing everything else.  Enjoy this preview!

Kreh Family Photos

A few weeks ago (on my one Saturday without a wedding) I met the Kreh family at the Dutton Shadyside Park for some family photos.  The family had purchased a photo session from me at a benefit auction supporting Camp Beechpoint this spring and I loved meeting more people who have a heart for the work this camp does!  Tiffany had warned me ahead of time that her four young boys might not cooperate for photos, but they actually did a great job and here are some of my favorite photos from their session!


Mike & Tonya's Wedding

My first wedding of 2017 happened to be my younger brothers wedding!  I've always wanted a sister and I officially got one on a beautiful May day in southwest Michigan.  Their ceremony and reception were at the Lawton Community Center which was very pretty and the staff were incredibly helpful.  There was even a small museum that guests could tour during the cocktail hour.   Congratulations Mike and Tonya, I'm so happy that you let me photograph your special day!  Enjoy this preview of your pictures :)

Megan & Kahler's Engagment

A couple weeks ago I got to visit my alma matter - Grand Valley State University- to take some engagement photos of Megan and Kahler.  They are high school sweethearts who are both current students at Grand Valley and planning a wedding for summer 2018.  We managed to go to both campuses and take a quick walk to the blue bridge on this sunny spring day.  With so many great locations and pretty flowers it was so hard to choose only a few to share here!

Baby Doug

I would not typically describe myself as a "newborn photographer" but when my friends keep having babies I keep getting in practice with photographing them :) Karen and I used to work together and it has been so fun for me to see her family grow the past few years.  Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the newest addition to their family, baby Doug, (named after his dad and his paternal grandpa) when he was just 6 days old.  Big sister 2 1/2 year old Alice was very proud to show me her baby brother when I arrived at their home.  Here are some of my favorite photos of the new family of 4!

Everett turns one!

Everett is the second son of my good friend form high school and he is such a happy kid! He turned one on March 2nd and he is already walking and imitating everything his big brother does.  We finally got around to his photo shoot and the wait was well worth it because I've never seen a kid so happy about cake! He didn't enjoy eating it nearly as much as he did smashing it :)   Here are some of my favorite photos - and it was hard to pick just a few. 

HIS Dance Ballet

I love ballet and last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing a rehearsal for HIS Dance Academy's spring show "Desert: A Good Samaritan Story" which they are preforming on March 11 and 12.   The girls (and guy) did a great job and I can't wait to see them on the stage next weekend! To purchase tickets to the show go here:

Here are some of my favorite photos