Blanca & Francesca Class of 2019

Blanca and Francesca are foreign exchange students from Spain and Italy that are staying with a friend of mine this year, they are also seniors in high school so this fall they asked me to take some senior pictures for them. We had so much fun that we decided to do another photo shoot once the snow fell (though it had mostly melted by the time we did these pictures)! This time the girls wanted more photos together and some with their host mom of course :) Here are my favorites from their session at Provin Trails!

Blanca & Francesca Class of 2019

A couple weeks ago on a beautiful fall day I had the opportunity to explore a new location for taking some senior photos. The Grand Ravines is so pretty as are the two girls I was able to take pictures of! Both Francesca and Blanca are seniors who are foreign exchange students living with a friend of mine this year and I’m so happy they decided to participate in our American tradition of getting senior pictures taken. The girls were naturals in front of the camera and we had lots of fun walking around the park looking for fall colors. Here are some of my favorites from their session :)

Melissa's Senior Photos

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph my first senior of the year.  Melissa and her mom knew of a cute little park in Grand Rapids that I would never have found on my own.  Although we were one of three photo shoots happening at the park at that time we still managed to find some great spots and take turns with the other people :) It was so fun getting to know Melissa a little bit and she has great things planned for her future.  Enjoy your senior year!

Brian's Senior Photos

I've known Brian since he was a kid in the neighborhood program I used to volunteer with.  He has grown into a nice young man who is hoping to go to college for something relating to the medical field.  After rescheduling due to rain on a Saturday, Brian and his parents were kind enough to meet me on a weekday evening at Millennium Park in Grand Rapids.  Brian was a good sport and walked all around the park with me looking for fall color.  Here are some of my favorites from his session, I can't wait to edit the rest, but enjoy this preview!

Mackenzie's Senior Photos

My first class of 2018 senior photo session this year was with Mackenzie!  She came to the photo shoot with some great ideas and great props - her dog and her guitar :) Mackenzie is very talented and she's planning to move to Nashville after finishing high school to pursue a career in music since she not only plays guitar but also plays piano and she sings.  She is definitely a country girl at heart and we found some great photo spots at a mutual friends barn and some nearby railroad tracks.  Have a great senior year Mackenzie and enjoy this preview of your pictures! 

Megan Class of 2017

My first and only senior session of the year (so far) was Megan on an October day when the fall colors were in their prime in West Michigan.  Megan attends the same high school I did and she goes to the church I grew up in so I enjoyed hearing about how my hometown has changed in the years since I left!  Enjoy the rest of your senior year Megan thanks for coming up to Grand Rapids for these photos at Riverside Park :)