Jess and Sid's Wedding

Labor Day weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Jess and Sid’s wedding at the Clearwater Place downtown Grand Rapids. We were worried about rain all day but luckily it ended by the time we were ready to take pictures outside and as a photographer I love overcast days because it means no one is squinting and we don’t have to worry about harsh shadows! Jess and Sid had a small wedding party but but their family and friends were tons of fun. I especially loved the unique touches at their reception like a caracature artist! Here are some of my favorite photos from their special day :)

Sabrina & Robert's Wedding

Sabrina and Robert’s wedding day was on a beautiful day in West Michigan, after weeks of rain the sun finally came out and we were all so glad! Their intimate wedding and reception was held at Townsend Park and I am so grateful Sabrina had already scoped out the spots she wanted photos because this park is huge! The trees were so great and it it weren’t for all the bugs I couldn’t photographed in that spot all day :) I also loved the family atmosphere of the wedding with playground and creek nearby which all kids enjoyed runing around in. Here are some of my favorite photos from their special day.

Jasmine & Deion's Wedding

In March I kicked off the 2019 wedding season with Jasmine and Deion’s special day! It was a beautiful sunny (yet cold) early spring day and the whole wedding party was willing to brave the cold air to take some photos outside. Their ceremony was held at Kentwood Community Church and the reception at the beautiful Stonewater Country Club. It was my first time at Stonewater Country club and I always enjoy seeing new wedding locations around my own city! Congratulations Jasmine and Deion, thanks for letting me be a part of your wedding - enjoy this preview of your photos!

Jess & Sid's Engagement

Jess and Sid were hoping for snow for their engagement photos, but Michigan was not cooperating in December or early January (although now, two weeks later, we have plenty of snow)! They wanted pictures in front of the public museum where they got engaged and at the blue bridge which are some of my favorite places in Grand Rapids as well. Despite the cold weather Jess and Sid laughed a lot and we all had a good time, I can’t wait for their wedding in September!

Zach and Stephanie's Wedding

Zach's sister is a good friend of mine and Stephanie works for the same company I do so when I was asked to photograph their intimate wedding ceremony I happily agreed.  Although our first attempt to take photos at a park was quickly stopped by swarms of mosquito's the wedding party were good sports and we managed to find some good locations outside the church for photos.  Zach and Stephanie had punch and cake then a bonfire (which I didn't photograph) rather than a traditional reception, but it was clear they are loved by many friends and family!  Here are some of my favorite images from their wedding.

Tim & Anna's Wedding

Tim and Anna's wedding was such a joy to photograph! They were ahead of schedule all day (which never happens), the weather cooperated, we had some great photo locations, and everyone in the wedding party was so helpful!  Plus, it seemed like everyone was having fun at the reception because I don't think I've ever been to a wedding with so much dancing!  I've known both Tim and Ana several years, they were high school sweethearts and were dating when I first met Tim and took his senior pictures.  I love that they are both so comfortable in front of the camera and that they trusted my ideas for locations and poses.  It was definitely a challenge to narrow down my favorite pictures from their wedding to make this blog post and I can't wait to finish editing everything else.  Enjoy this preview!

Mike & Tonya's Wedding

My first wedding of 2017 happened to be my younger brothers wedding!  I've always wanted a sister and I officially got one on a beautiful May day in southwest Michigan.  Their ceremony and reception were at the Lawton Community Center which was very pretty and the staff were incredibly helpful.  There was even a small museum that guests could tour during the cocktail hour.   Congratulations Mike and Tonya, I'm so happy that you let me photograph your special day!  Enjoy this preview of your pictures :)

Jess and Jason's Wedding

Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph Jess and Jason's wedding at the Grand Rapids Children's Museum.  It was such a fun and unique setting for a wedding and aside from dancing the guests had access to all the exhibits at the museum and everyone seemed to have a great time.   Enjoy this preview of some of my favorite pictures of their special day!