Baby Olive

Spring has finally arrived in west Michigan and what better way to celebrate then a photo shoot with a baby! Olive turned 3 months old last Saturday and we had been talking about getting pictures since before she was born so I’m glad we finally made it happen. Olive is such a sweet baby and she gave us lots of fun facial expressions (in between naps and feedings)! Here are some of my favorites from the session

Aupperlee Family

Baby girls are popular on the blog right now, a few weeks ago I got to meet and photograph my second one in a month :) Baby Amelia was so sweet and didn't seem to mind us moving her around for photos or even when big brother Jackson was driving his tractors on her.  I had lots of fun with this family and loved seeing how Jackson tried to play with his baby sister.  Thanks Aupperlee family for letting me come take some family photos for you, here are some of my favorites!

Baby Cora

Last weekend I had the joy of meeting two week old baby Cora and catching up with her big brother and big sister.  The Kosters family have always been willing to let me photograph their big events from their wedding to pregnancy with baby #2 and family photos commemorating the move out of their first house.  Although, neither Cora nor her older siblings were in the mood to have their picture taken I still managed to capture some sweet moments in between tears (all three kids were crying at one point) and I hope the big kids always love their little sister this much!

Baby Emma

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet and take pictures of 6 day old Emma.  I've known her mom and dad for many years and they have been the subject of many photos shoots over the years so I suspect this is the first of many photo shoots Emma will be in as well. She was asleep most of the time I was there and didn't seem to care at all about us moving her around and putting the camera in her face which was great :)  Here are some of my favorites of the little cutie!